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IMG_0032 (2).JPGCan anyone truly be free of the past? Or does it linger in the mind like a poorly set fracture? The Diary of Mary Barrow, written by novice fictional author Ms. Lisa Korthals, tells the poignant story of a young woman caught somewhere between the reality of her past and the psychosis of her present. The cracked mirror Lisa’s protagonist, Mary Barrow, holds up to the world around her is a mindset Lisa Korthals has lived through and overcome.

Lisa Korthals’ own past as a survivor of abuse has shaped and molded her into a compelling storyteller; whether she is writing a literary essay on Lolita or the need for confessional literature in today’s market her unique, and often biting, view of the world cuts through to captivate her readers.

Lisa Korthals holds degrees in Language Arts Education, B.S. and Theological Studies, M.A. To date, she has published two literary essays Lisa and Lolita, Le viol des deux and Let There be Healing, In Defense of Confessional Literature (See below for publishing details) – The Diary of Mary Barrow stands out as her first fully realized novel.

The Diary of Mary Barrow holds a glaring light on issues Lisa Korthals is deeply passionate about: violence against women, the treatment of mental illness, and the kinds of toxic sexual relationships too many at-risk women, just like Mary, find themselves in. While the book itself falls into the category of speculative, historical fiction it is her hope that by looking speculatively into the fictional past, her readers will feel driven to question the very real issues of the present.

Publishing Credits: “Lisa and Lolita, Le viol des deux’ was published in Dark Matter Journal, A Journal of Speculative Writing Issue 5, 5/29/2014 and “Let There Be Healing, A Defense of Confessional Literature’ was published in Marathon Literary Review Issue 7 (Feb. 2015). 


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