The Never-Ending Journey

I have come to understand that writing is a journey . . . I have even begun to wonder if there ever is a destination. I know the destination I am trying to reach – a completed book. And yet, there are days when this epic journey of fictional writing feels out of reach. It is as if my fingers are grasping and reaching toward something only my heart can see.

I am a fledging novelist – a seeker, learner, novice, and apprentice in the craft of writing. These thoughts overwhelm me and I want to give up (and sometimes I do). In fact, I went a month without writing so much as a word. Then, I began to miss my Miranda and her story. However, I still could not write, because there was the danger of letting my character (the one I created) down. I desire to give Miranda only my very best writing and there are times when this feels like a challenge and other times it feels like a burden. A burden this novice was not sure she could carry . . . and then doubt began to set in.

What am I doing? Am I crazy? Is my writing ‘good’? What makes me think I can succeed where so many others have failed? I began to think that I was just a silly dreamer, one of the many people who would have to hang their head and say in a low voice, “No, I never finished my book.” These thoughts began to torment me and I began to understand why Hemmingway became depressed and drank so much – anything to numb the searing pain of self-doubt.

And then, it happened . . . someone I love more than my own life said, “Write, because you love to write. Make the love of writing your only motivation – forget all other goals. Just write.” So, here I am today – writing just because I love it. I will not be an expert today or even tomorrow, but this fledgling writer will again take on the never-ending journey of finishing my novel. Perhaps, I will reach my destination  of a completed book . . .


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11 responses to “The Never-Ending Journey

  1. harperlaurieb

    Lisa, I am deeply grateful to the person who pulled you out of the Black Hole and reminded you to write for the love of writing. You ARE a writer. You may be aspiring to write a particular thing, but you are already a writer, and I wish you would call me when you hit this spot. We don’t know the course of how you will come to be published, or how the writing will go, but I have known from the moment I met you and read sample pages that you will write your novel and it will be published, and you will write more books.

    That said, there is nothing wrong with a break, with stopping, and every writer alive has periods of this paralysis and doubt. Sadly, doubt seems to be part of the creative spirit. That’s why the rest of us are here — to remind you!

    ENJOY your writing and yes, forget the rest.


  2. You will reach your goals. I am definitely no connesieur of literature, but I feel the writing and the plot for this series are both very solid.

  3. I totally agree with you, it’s the way I’ve been thinking recently, not worrying about where any of it is going – just write because you love it – perfect thinking and very life giving!! 🙂

    I was wondering if I could publish this piece of writing in the next issue of a free online literary magazine of mine? I’m sure a lot readers would identify with what you have said here.

    It’s a new website and only has two issues published at the moment, but it’s received a lot of attention and Facebook/Twitter and is doing well on WordPress now. It’s free for anyone to read and the aim is primarily to help promote writers on websites and blogs from all over the internet.

    The copyright remains with the writer and I always include a link back to where the work was originally published and also any other social media links you’d like me to include (please let me know which ones – if you have any).

    If you would be interested in allowing me to publish your work please check out the magazine and let me know. But if you’d rather not, don’t hesitate to say no, I really won’t mind.
    Suzy :o)

    • I am happy to have it published on your website! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

      • Thank you Lisa, that will be great! 🙂

        I made a slight error when I posted the message, I meant to say it would be in the July issue not the next one which will be published very soon in May. A bit of a wait to see it, I hope that’s okay with you?

        I’m sure lots of writers of all kinds will identify with what you’ve said, and it’s quite liberating to think like that – so well done for reaching that mindset! 🙂 I’ll get back to you here with a link to the issue in July when it’s published. Thanks again!
        Suzy 🙂

      • No problem at all:) Just let me know when it’s up. Thanks! LK

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  5. Just passing to let you know your poetry is published in The Writing Garden!

    Please do have a read through to double check I haven’t made any errors. Should be okay, but just in case. Thank you so much for allowing me to publish your poetry Lisa!

    You sent me an email a while back about another post of yours, thank you for that, and I’m so sorry I haven’t replied. I’ve been on a blog beak for a while, plus I’m having real trouble finding your email in my gmail account. Not sure why certain emails seem impossible to find! If you remember what post it was please give me a link here and I’ll bookmark in my files for getting back to. Happy writing Lisa! 🙂

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