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Oreos and Homosexuality

As a Christian, I have become frustrated. Why has the issue of same sex marriage become such a lightening rod to bash those who believe that homosexuality is a sin? I blame the Church and the media. As a believer, it is too easy to say it is all the liberal media’s fault that Christians are getting a bad name. While there is some truth to the statement that Christians are often painted in the press as hating those they do not agree with, there is plenty of blame to go around.

First of all, the press never ask anyone what they think about rape, adultery, incest, orgies, or pedophilia. These are ALL listed as sexual sins in the Bible, and yet, the only questions ever raised have to do with one sexual sin from (what is obviously) a much longer list. Why wasn’t Phil Robertson asked about his views on rape? I have yet to hear one recent news story where believers are asked to discuss what the Bible says about incest? The only answer is, of course, the obvious one – these behaviors are still considered ‘wrong’ by our culture/society.

Second, it is time for all believers to stop creating a hierarchy of sin where certain sins (like homosexuality) are considered worse than others. Many modern believers have come to hold the sin of homosexuality as a ‘pet sin’. Why? Again the answer is the obvious one, the other sexual sins listed often hit a bit too close to home; and it is easy to demonize that which is different or outside one’s own experiences. To explain, the reason homosexuality has become a ‘pet sin’ is that most believers (certainly not all) have not experienced the desire for someone of the same sex. However, many (far too many) have committed the sin of adultery – so, they can forgive it because they understand the impulse and also desire to be forgiven.

Finally, Christianity is THE only religion that I am aware of that preaches faith, hope, love, and freedom. And yet, if believers do not agree with those who choose to live in sin they are painted as judgmental bigots out to bash those who are not like themselves.

Approval of sinful behavior does not equal love. As a parent, I see this truth played out on a daily basis. If my children are doing something wrong, such as, eating an entire package of Oreos. I need to tell them the truth – I do NOT approve of their behavior, but this does not mean that I hate them. In fact, I am telling them that I do not approve out of love for them and the desire to see them healthy and happy. However, I must speak truth in love. For instance, I do not call them ‘fat little pigs.’ Instead, I tell them the truth that this is not healthy behavior and that they will most likely get sick. Finally, I tell them not to do it again. None of these things are done out of hatred for them, instead, they are done out love.

Some of you reading this may be thinking that eating too many Oreos and homosexuality are not the same thing, but that is my point. All sin is the same before God and believers must speak truth in love regarding all sins not just the ones we have deemed worse than others.


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