A Little Q & A

I have been asked the following questions so often in the past few months that I have decided to share my answers with my readers. The following are the questions I have been asked and my most common responses (I am not a robot so I do not answer the same way every time:)

Q: As a Christ-follower how can you write about serial killers and gruesome murders?

Korthals: To be fair, I also write about caring and dedicated detectives, justice for victims and their families, and of course the reality of sin. I think it is actually easier for me to write about things like murder, because I am a Christian. For the simple reason that there is no middle ground or gray area for me: sin is real and we live in a fallen world where sin occurs. My characters are dealing with the end results of the sinful nature run amuck i.e. homicide, rape, and sex trafficking.

Q: Will you let your kids read this upcoming crime series?

Korthals: To clarify, I have three daughters ages 19, 11, and 9. I would love for my 19-year-old to read this series, since she was the inspiration for the main character. However, my 11-year-old and 9-year-old will not read this series until they are much older. I do not believe in censorship, but I do believe in age appropriate reading. I think every parent should be concerned about what their children are reading, viewing, and even writing. This is clearly NOT a children’s book, nor am I interested in writing a children’s series. Parents should be aware that this is a crime series/mystery series for older young adults and adults.

Q: Why did you write such a strong female character?

Korthals: I absolutely love any mystery novel with a strong female detective, because I find any woman doing what traditionally has been thought of as a man’s job fascinating. So, I wrote the story of Miranda Hoxie from that place of an avid reader who loves to read about a strong female lead. I also wanted to show that a woman can do more in a novel than fall in love or out love. In fact, I have purposefully not given Miranda a love interest in this first book because I want readers to come to place where we have different expectations for female characters. Because modern women have different expectations for their lives than the traditional story of falling in love and getting married, in fact, this is a role many women in law enforcement have rejected. That is not to say that Miranda will never have a man in her life, she will, just not in this first book. I want Miranda to take a very realistic journey when it comes to her love life, so yes she is strong, but she is also a woman with healthy sexual desires, a desire to be loved, and all of the vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and failures that come with being a woman in power and authority over others.

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